Thursday, June 18, 2009

Feature Friday Artist of the Week - Lori McNamara

Some artists look to the human form for inspiration, others to common objects and some to their religious or political beliefs. Our Feature Friday artist, Lori McNamara, takes her inspiration from, “Florida’s natural beauty.” As leader of the Plein Air Artists of the Treasure Coast, Lori enjoys painting outside. She uses her paintbrush as a butterfly collector would use a net to capture the stunning quality of the Sunshine State.

Lori sold her first painting at the age of eight and is now, “one of the most prolific women painters in the United States, having painted well over 1000 paintings.” As a member of the Daily Painters online and the Treasure Coast Art Association, Lori produces oil paintings, often using a painting knife to create a texture that she prefers.

Lori does enjoy various types of media but states that she especially enjoys painting in oils. Although she spends time painting outside she also works in her studio. “I like small paintings the best, and I have done some miniatures that were the size of business cards.”

If Lori had to choose a painting she is proud of it would be a painting of, “some seagulls flying over the Indian River. I am proud of that one.” She is also proud to, “have stuck with it and not given up. I also have reached the stage where I like my own work.” Thank you for sticking with it and adding to our many inspirations, Lori.

You can view Lori’s artwork at, at the Grant Antique Mall, 5900 US1 in Grant, Florida and in downtown Fort Pierce at 124 N. 2nd Street.


Written by Katrina Kniep

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