Monday, June 1, 2009

Empowering Women Through Art

Saturday night, I invited some friends over for some artsy play time. Seeds of friendship were planted and fertilized with paint and chocolate. Budding friendships were nourished with chit chat and laughter. Blooming friendships were tended to with hugs and stories shared; and the roots are growing deep. I love these connections. I feel like I'm a gardener growing a beautiful garden... but it's so, so much more... these friendships - new and old, are such a blessing. So motivating, so inspiring, so empowering.

I've posted previously on my blog about soul tribes and I've dreamed of having a tribe of my own. I feel as if my tribe has been born. I now have this incredible little tribe of my own. People that I cherish. People that add so much to my life. ♥ But it's so much bigger than that... my dream that is. It's bigger than just me and bigger than having a tribe of my own.

You see, I have this dream of creating an avenue to empower women through art. And I feel deeply that it's time. The inspiration and shift I always feel after getting together with positive, strong, creative women is powerful. It's empowering... and I want to share my experience.

And so the Treasure Coast Women's Art Alliance is born. Join me on this crusade to create conversations, connections and community through creativity and collaboration.

Our first official gathering will be on Saturday, June 27th, 2009 at 6:00 P.M.
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carmen.tcwaa @
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I look forward to many, many more soul nourishing, fun, food and art filled get-togethers!

Let's connect and create!

Much love,



  1. Congratulations, Carmen. I'll be visiting Florida again the 11-16 of June. I'm working on a new book idea, want to talk it over? Let me know. Chris Cozen

  2. Great idea. I'm excited!

  3. Well done, Carmen!!! Best of luck with your new and exciting's perfect!

  4. Kudos to you, Carmen! I know my creative soul could sorely use it's own tribe! I hope to make those types of connections someday soon.

  5. Wonderful idea! Count me in ;-) I'll email you. Just what my creative soul needs!