Friday, July 10, 2009

TCWAA Feature Friday proudly presents Katrina Kniep

"My wildest dream would be waking up in the morning and heading out to my sunporch, which faces the ocean. I would go to my computer with some coffee, ready to work on the day's next chapter or writing project."

This week’s Feature Friday Artist, Katrina Kniep is a small town girl with big heart. She enjoys all sorts of arts and crafts including art journaling, drawing, painting and knitting, but her passion is writing.

Kat has been invaluable as the author of a majority of the Feature Friday articles here on TCWAA’s blog. Her published work can also be seen in Parkland Life, Alpha Sigma Alpha Phoenix Magazine, A Lovely Dream Zine and her blog, My Darling Anodyne.

Kat looks forward to writing novels but truly enjoys writing short pieces as well. She loves to research and learn new things and plans to always freelance in some capacity even when she does get published as a novelist. She said, “I guess I just love writing. When I write I lose myself in the story and feel most alive.

I have many ideas for writing from short articles about dogs and knitting to a teen series on character and a novel about duality. I feel excited to think about writing plays, poetry and songs, too.”

She’s wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember and has fond memories of a Playskool toy with wooden keys that send a bead up a rod to ring a bell. It had about 7 keys and she would pretend to type as her mom was typing stories for the local newspaper next to her. Kat would look to her mom and say, “I’m finishing my story.”

Kat said, “I grew up in Harrisville (population 514) in Alcona County, Michigan right on Lake Huron. My parents ran a newspaper (The Alcona Almanac) when I was young. I spent my youth traipsing around train wrecks, sitting through court room trials and examining fire damage. My dad took the photos and my mother wrote the 1000 words that went with them.”

Kat finds inspiration in authors, Elizabeth Berg, Pat Conroy, John Irving and Abigail Thomas and artists Emily Martin, Andrew Wyeth and Kelly Vivanco, but says her parents have been instrumental in inspiring her to explore creatively. Kat says, “They are inspiring, supportive and unique people. They are amazing researchers who never stop looking for what they don’t know. They find out.”

She remembers her moms nervousness one time when she finger painted on top of one of her dad’s paintings when she was little. Her mother was afraid he would be angry, but to her surprise, when he came home he was excited that Kat wanted to paint like him.

Kat recently started a feature on her blog called Fiction Friday where she shares snippets of a short story she’s writing called The Harbormaster.

More of Kat's artwork and writing can be seen on her blog, My Darling Anodyne.


written by Carmen Torbus

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